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"If you’re after a simple and minimalistic design that comes with just the right amount of edge via the chunkier sole then these are for you." - 2nd October 2020


Velvet Magazine

"Luxurious yet comfortable and affordable sneakers, they’re versatile options, ideal for the office, bar or restaurant." - 12th June 2020


The New Collections

"Luxurious, versatile and stylish sneakers for both men and women." - 17th April 2020


F word magazine

"This is the perfect example of a brand that is combining sustainable fashion and style with the added benefits of functionality, durability and fashionability.", "SANS MATIN is the perfect contemporary label as it designs with the consumers' needs in mind while not negotiating on comfort and durability." - 9th April 2020


The Rakish Gent

"It’s been a while since we found a new sneaker label that we are excited by, but SANS MATIN has captured our attention" - 26th March 2020



"No. 1 best trainer in the world this week" - 19th March 2020


LDN Fashion

"Brands that have truly been built around core values, especially with a good story behind them. It makes it feel more relatable, and we love it when we feel a personal connection to a brand. This is definitely something we hope to emulate at SANS MATIN." - 26th August 2020


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